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Died after receiving wrong blood in a blood transfusion (Mary Lato)

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Died after receiving wrong blood in a blood transfusion (Mary Lato)

Worked in Buffalo, NY as a molder in foundry (made molds for castings out of sand) when he came to US. 1921: was here for about 3 years. Went back to Poland (Son John Marion Lato was about 14) and brought back his wife Anna and Son Bruno. John was army age and because of war wasn't allowed to leave. Philip and Agnes Lato lived in Buffalo, NY for alittle while but Agnes didn't like it there so they moved to Thorp, Wisconsin (Philip's brothers Felix and Vincent were already in Thorp. Vincent came first, then his wife, Stella and Maggie). John Lato (son) stayed with Uncle Tony in Poland; there was also a teacher staying with Tony and he helped John get to US (Uncle tony came ot US a year later). John Marion Lato (son) came 1.5 years later (he was 17), Got on a boat in Gdansk, 2 days to reach England; 1/2 day to cross england on a train; George Washington liner (boat), took 7 days on boat to cross atlantic to New York City.

When WWI came, Germany invaded poland first, Russians then invaded to repel the Russans. When Russians were coming thru, family hid in woods, burried some pig meat wrapped in a burlap sack in the ground to hide it so they would have something to eat. Russians built trenches that were reienforced with wood from local barns. John, Bruno and Anna, and Agnes lived in woods (in fall) for 1 week while hiding from Russians. The villiage near their house came out pretty good, damage wise. Couple buildings were burnt.

In 1800, a tribe from Totary (Turks) took land away from the Polish. Grandpa family changed their nationality, said they were italian, so they could get some Polish land.

Philip's Children would send packages and US money back to Poland (John knew where to send, so he took care of this) to Agnes's Borthers. They eventually asked for $300 to fix their roof and when John said no, they lost contact. (From Carol Lato, written down from conversation with Mary Lato (John Marion Lato's wife after his death)

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Philip “Filip” Lato
May 20, 1884140Lubartow, Lubartow County, Lublin, Poland0January 3, 19497564Thorp, Clark County, Wisconsin, United States of AmericaJuly 9, 2022 - 8:47:41 p.m.