Lato-Sobolewski Family Trees

John Marion LatoAge: 91 years19071998

John Marion Lato
Birth March 20, 1907
Emigration 1925 (Age 17 years)

Death May 13, 1998 (Age 91 years)


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Shared note

1926: John ventured out on his own to Chicago, Illinois where he worked in a furniture factory. When he left, he was unaware that his mother was pregnant with his brother Joseph.

1927: After working for one year in Chicago, John moved to Lansing, Michigan and went to work for Fischer Body Plant.

July 1929: John moved to Grand Ledge, Michigan where he worked on the Wawernia farm threshing wheat. That is where he met Mary H. Wawernia and they began their two year courtship.

March 1972: John & Mary left Florida to move to Fall Creek Wisconsin. It was really cold in Fall Creek that month/year.

Died at 10am. Joe Lato (brother), Philip Lato (son), Caroline Lato (daughter). Family was reminiscing about past activities). He had a smile on his face as he passed away. Mary Lato: "See, I told you he was going to go straight to heaven". Within a year of his passing, she heard someone walking in the living room. When she went out there, there was no one. She knew that it was John coming back to check on here.