Matthew’s 5th Birthday Party

Birthday Boy, a Pirate Birthday cake, a group of heat exhausted friends...
Birthday Boy, a Pirate Birthday cake, a group of heat exhausted friends…

(post dated this to the day after the party)

We held a party for Matthew after the labor day holiday so his friends from pre-school, his old day care, and the neighborhood could come over to celebrate.  And I think the party day was one of the hottest of the year…that’s the real reason for the sad face above, he was TIRED!

The Calm before the party storm...
The Calm before the party storm…

Deb did her amazing party planning with all sorts of details from the amazing cake to helping turn our backyard into the Pirate Ship Lato!  And Jen even figured out how to add sails to our backyard (functional to provide shade in the back yard during the middle of the day and esthetic for the party!).  The above panorama photo has the backyard on the left, where we had the magic show stage, the shade/rehydrating area in the center, and the playground area on the right where we had the treasure hunt.

The Party Planning Crew: Deb, Jennifer and the help they worked too hard...
The Party Planning Crew: Deb, Jennifer and the help they worked too hard…

And here is the party planning crew with their over worked helper…  While we wished we were close to some/more of the family so you could have joined us, we hope the uploaded photos and a few videos from the party will make you feel like you were there (without the heat stroke). You can download any full size photos you may want to print (use the button on the lower right under the photos).


Caitlin Earns Her Swim Ribbon

Woohoo!  Caitlin earned her yellow swim ribbon tonight. She has been swimming like a fish all summer long. 30 minutes (in a class of two) every Thursday and many hour or longer tips to our community pool. She is comfortable in water and starting to pick her head up while swimming. 

Matthew is still working on his Purple ribbon and that should be soon, as he’s already doing many of the things for the ribbon after that

Pre-School Mug Shots

Yes, summer has finally ended when the kids go back to school.  Tomorrow is Caitlin’s first day of pre-school and Matthew’s first day of “TK” (transitional kindergarten…he was born 3 days too late to be able to attend kindergarten this year…).  They will both be attending the Day Spring Preschool again this year and both are excited.  Caitlin because she’s a big girl now (what we were saying all summer to ensure she was potty trained) and Matthew because he gets to be with all his old friends from last year.

Needed to provide the school with two photos of each for the new school year, so here are the before bed portrait shoot results.

20150824-0005 20150824-0008

Matthew’s First Missing Tooth

Today Matthew lost his first tooth. A few months ago during his last dentist visit we were warned that his bottom adult teeth were already coming in and that his bottom baby teeth would start loosening up. 

Then when we got back from Wisconsin he started commenting that his bottom tooth was loose. Today he finally came out. Not sure when or where…so we get to wait a bit longer before we find the current going rate from the tooth fairy. We can already see a white bump of his adult tooth!